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Here, you can find the software services provided by the Arold lab, and some internal information for StruBE group members. Software is only a small aspect of work carried out in the Arold lab.

To access the public website, please visit this link.

The ContaMiner team

ContaMiner logo ContaMiner allows rapid automated large-scale detection of contaminant crystals. Protein contaminants, from the expression host, purification buffers or from the affinity tags used, may crystallise instead of a protein of interest. Unfortunately, this only becomes clear once the crystal structure has been determined...
ContaMiner allows rapid screening of X-ray diffraction data against the most likely proteins contaminants.
LD Motif Finder
LD motifs (leucine–aspartic acid motifs) are short helical protein–protein interaction motifs that have emerged as key players in connecting cell adhesion with cell motility and survival. LD motifs are required for embryogenesis, wound healing and the evolution of multicellularity. LD motifs also play roles in disease, such as in cancer metastasis or viral infection.
The LD Motif Finder predicts the presence and location of LD motifs in protein sequences.
Coming soon
More application are being developped, and will become available on this website when ready.

NMR viewer
The NMR VR viewer
NMR viewer
The protein VR viewer